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Welcometo Malvee Limited

At Malvee, we spent years in constantly looking for ways to deliver reliable and powerful machines. Our only aim is to make garden and farming easier and more enjoyable. Over the years, malvee UK and Africa has been excellent in the dealings with various egencis and non governmental organisations (NGO) across Africa.

We are happy to asist the growing Cocoa areas in Africa to increase production and also to improve the lives of the farmers in that areas in Africa. Because of our good works and reliable attitude, we have made good name for ourselves both in the UK and also in Africa by working for most of the governmental institutions especially the ministry of trade and industry and the Agricultural ministries.

We seek with working in hands with a lot of other local businesses in Africa. When it comes to farming especially the cocoa sector, we are number one partner and we have the solution to all their problems.

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